Rioja Masters: Discovering Spain’s Finest Winemaking Region

If you work in the wine industry, Rioja Masters is a must watch. While Rioja wine is highly known and esteemed in Europe, it is still uncharted territory for the US market.

Rioja Masters is a series of 7 videos in which wine professionals explain to other wine professionals all they need to know about Rioja. In these 7 videos, we will go through Rioja’s history, grapes, wines, and techniques to show you Rioja’s past, present, and future. Sooner rather than later, America will learn that Rioja is much more that Tempranillo and aged reds. Be ahead of everyone else and learn the secrets that make Rioja one of the top 5 wine regions in the world.

Episode 7: Rioja Today

For over 2,000 years, Rioja has practiced and perfected winemaking traditions. But that’s just the start of our story. Learn more about  how the region is constantly adapting, innovating, and experimenting to bring you some of the best wines in the world.

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