Vogue Recognizes Rioja as a Top Spanish Wine Destination

This month, Vogue highlighted the Rioja Wine Region as one of Spain’s premier destinations for wine professionals and consumers alike.

We are pleased to announce that Vogue magazine recently featured the Rioja wine region as a must-visit destination for both wine enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Industry Impact: Consumer Exposure Through a Leading Lifestyle Publication

This prominent placement in a leading lifestyle publication exposes Rioja to a vast and influential audience, potentially driving significant consumer interest in the region’s esteemed wines.

The article highlights Rioja’s dual appeal, attracting both passionate wine enthusiasts and trade professionals. While the region’s architectural marvels designed by renowned figures like Gehry and Calatrava are undeniably impressive, Vogue emphasizes the true star: the exceptional quality of Rioja wines.

For those in the trade, the feature underscores the availability of customized tours that delve deep into the heart of Rioja’s winemaking tradition. Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the finest vintages and vineyards, fostering deeper connections with the region’s rich winemaking heritage and the dedicated individuals shaping its future.

Vogue’s recognition of Rioja’s significance serves as a valuable endorsement for the region’s wines. This exposure has the potential to translate into increased consumer demand, ultimately benefiting those within the trade who partner with Rioja.

We extend our gratitude to Vogue for recognizing Rioja’s significance.

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