The Perfect Mushroom Pairings for Any Wines – Rioja Blanco

Mushrooms. From delicate and gently perfumed to robust and deeply flavored, these fungi come in myriad shapes, sizes, and colors. If there’s a mushroom, there’s a wine to match.

“Mushrooms can have a similar transformative effect on food, lending a deep savory character to all sorts of dishes. This intangible quality is often called “meaty,” but mushrooms have several distinct flavor components that make them a natural partner for wine.”


For peppery mushrooms, Nils Bernstein of Wine Enthusiast suggests a rich, aged, Rioja blanco to complement the mushrooms’ subtle spice.

“As it ages, Rioja Blanco develops nutty, caramelized aromas and an almost creamy texture that match beautifully with mushrooms.”

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