Rioja Sponsors Episode #275 | Radio Cherry Bombe

This episode of Radio Cherry Bombe sponsored by Rioja Wine hosted by Kerry Diamond can be listened to here. “When I see these perfect pantries, I’m like… ‘This isn’t how real people live,’” says Deb Perelman. “This is a real-life overstuffed kitchen.” Deb is the cook, writer, and photographer behind the much-loved Smitten Kitchen blog and the two companion cookbooks. Tune in to hear what this down-to-earth personality is up to and why she’s loving things cooked low and slow right now, from sweet potatoes to broccoli, why she’s not baking sourdough bread, and why you can never go wrong with Rice Krispie Treats (especially when they’re made with browned butter).

Listen to Episode #275 of Radio Cherry Bombe – Inside the Smitten Kitchen with Deb Perelman

Deb Perelman

Deb Perelman

Grab a bottle of your favorite Rioja Wine and cook up some low and slow food.

Plus, vegan chef Sam Spoll tells us why she thinks Tanya Lozano, founder of Healthy Hood Chicago, is the Bombe!