Rioja Agency Summit 2020

Last week the representatives of the communication agencies responsible for the Rioja promotion campaigns in nine international markets met at the headquarters of the Regulatory Council.

The group of 20 professionals from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia and China learned firsthand the strategy of initiatives recently launched by the Regulatory Council, such as Rioja Wine Academy, the Wine Tourism plan, Prowein 2020 and other global projects and discussed the most successful promotional activities in each of the markets.

The agencies responsible for the Rioja promotion campaigns in the nine key markets for the denomination held a convention at the headquarters of the Regulatory Council in order to deepen the strategic focus of their respective action plans; The meeting also served to exchange good practices and ideas between different countries and to deepen strategic projects and the latest developments in Rioja.

During the convention, the Marketing team and executives of the Regulatory Council made the group aware of the latest updates in legislative, technical and communication matters and focused on increasing the value, the premiumization of the perceived image and the quality of the Rioja wines at the international level. Attendees at the meeting will be responsible from here to decline key projects and messages, to the unique opportunities and challenges from market-to-market.

Iñigo Tapiador, Marketing Director of the Regulatory Council, highlights how this convention of international agencies

has helped our employees to better internalize the global strategy of the Rioja brand, knowing it from the inside, in order to adapt it to the reality of their countries”. “It has also been a useful exercise for those of us who work from here; the perspective on Rioja that they pose to us from outside, help us to refresh our own look and encourages us to explore new lines of action.

The Plenum of the Regulatory Council approved last December its 2020 budgets for a total of € 16,717,062, of which more than 60% goes to the promotion section and provides resources to these international campaigns, as well as to the marketing plans for the national market.

Photography: the teams of the Rioja promotion agencies together with the Marketing and Communication team of the Regulatory Council this week during their visit to Rioja.