Organic Wines: The Ideal Match of Quality and Sustainability

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The building of a great brand began 50 years ago in Oyon, a historic site of the Rioja region. Meticulous attention to detail, integrated teamwork, and focus, led to the creation of a brand that is recognized worldwide for producing organic wines of the highest quality.

The ideal match of quality and sustainability – El Coto Crianza Organic Enter U.S. Market
El Coto Crianza 2019 Made from Organic Grapes

Part of the Baron de Ley group, the largest winegrower of the DOCa Rioja, El Coto guarantees consistent great quality and price ratio year after year. The new Organic Crianza enters the U.S. and opens a new phase for the brand. Sharing the market with a few other organic Crianzas, El Coto de Rioja is dedicated to work under ecological viticultural protocols using ancient methods respectful of the environment and without the use of synthetic chemicals.

“Organic farming has been in the minds of the El Coto team for a while,” says Victor Fuentes, General Manager of Grupo Baron de Ley. So it was a natural transition, especially when climate change, respect for the environment and the overall health of future generations are in the minds of consumers worldwide.” Fuentes continued, “we are also obtaining the most important Spanish certification for sustainable wineries, WFCP (wineries for climate protection).”

“Vintage 2019 was quite unique”, remarked Cesar Fernandez, El Coto’s Technical Director, “it came with hardly any rain in the winter followed by a cold spring. The climatic conditions of May and June resulted in poor fruit sets and loose clusters, then the strong heat of late June and July limited the growth of the berries. The low yields led to a quicker ripening and a good balance of alcoholic and phenolic maturation, higher concentration, and an exceptional quality.”

El Coto Organic Crianza comes with an overall eco-friendly package. The capsule uses bio polyethylene instead of conventional plastics; the bottles are lighter than the norm which reduces the energy required to manufacture and transport; labels are made from 15% citrus pulp and 40% recycled paper, and the outer shipper, is PEFC and FSC certified which guarantees its origins – seeds, plants, and sustainable forestry.

El Coto wines are imported by Opici Imports and sold through their network of national distributors. El Coto Organic Crianza will be available this Spring at a suggested retail price of $19.

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