Learn About Rioja Wine: Rioja Enthusiast Free Online Course

Rioja is one of Spain’s most famous wine regions, producing a wide variety of red, white, and rosé wines. If you’re interested in learning more about Rioja wine, our free online course via Rioja Wine Academy can help.

The course, offered by the Rioja Wine Academy, covers everything you need to know about Rioja wine, from the region’s geography and climate to its grape varieties and winemaking styles. You’ll also learn about the different types of Rioja wine, including Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva.

The course is designed for beginners but is also a great resource for experienced wine drinkers who want to learn more about Rioja. It’s self-paced and takes about four hours to complete.

New Course Rioja Enthusiast

What You’ll Learn in the Course

  • The Rioja wine region: geography, climate, and history
  • Rioja grape varieties
  • Rioja winemaking styles
  • Types of Rioja wine: Crianza, Reserva, Gran Reserva, and more
  • How to choose a Rioja wine in a restaurant or wine shop
  • How to enjoy Rioja wine to the fullest

Benefits of Taking the Course

  • Learn about one of the most famous wine regions in the world
  • Expand your wine knowledge and appreciation
  • Improve your ability to choose and enjoy Rioja wine
  • Earn a certificate of completion

How to Take the Course

The Rioja Wine Academy course is free to take and can be accessed online anywhere. To get started, create an account on the Rioja Wine Academy website.

The course is divided into seven chapters, each covering a different aspect of Rioja wine. At the end of each chapter, there is a quiz to help you review the material. To continue to the next chapter, you must answer all the questions correctly.

Once you have completed all seven chapters, you will have the opportunity to take a final exam. To earn a certificate of completion, you must answer at least 60% of the questions correctly.

If you’re interested in learning about Rioja wine, the free online course from the Rioja Wine Academy is a great resource. The course is informative and self-paced, making it a convenient way to learn about one of the world’s most famous wine regions.