Holiday Cheer with Wines of Rioja: The 2023 Campaign

Holiday Cheer with Wines of Rioja: The 2023 Campaign

As the holiday season approaches, wine lovers worldwide turn their attention to Rioja, Spain’s most celebrated wine region. Known for our beautifully complex and approachable wines, Rioja is the perfect accompaniment to festive gatherings and special moments. This year, Rioja Trade is delighted to announce and share the Holiday 2023 Campaign. This holiday campaign is designed to inspire wine lovers of all levels and, of course, our trade professionals and consumers alike to embrace the magic of Rioja during the holidays.

Join us in discovering the exceptional range of Rioja wines, meticulously crafted to enhance the joy and warmth of the holiday season, creating memorable experiences for everyone at the table. Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift or selecting wines for your holiday feasts, Rioja offers a diverse selection of reds, whites, and rosés, each with its own unique character and story. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Rioja wines bring people together and elevate the spirit of the season. Cheers to making your holidays more magical and lively with Rioja wine!

Celebrate the Holiday with Wines of Rioja

The holiday season is a time for sharing, indulging, and creating lasting memories. And what better way to elevate these joyous occasions than with a glass of Rioja? The wines of Rioja are more than just beverages; they are expressions of the region’s rich heritage, crafted with passion and expertise. Rioja wines offer a symphony of flavors and aromas, ranging from elegant Tempranillo-based reds to fresh and vibrant whites and rosés. By choosing Rioja for your holiday celebrations, you not only savor outstanding wines but also embrace a tradition of excellence that has been perfected over generations, ensuring that every sip is a moment to cherish.

We are partnering with Serena Goh to amplify Rioja creatively to wider audiences. 

Pairing Rioja with Your Holiday Feast

Whether you’re hosting a cozy dinner party, indulging in a festive game night, or simply enjoying some quality time with loved ones, Rioja wines seamlessly complement a variety of holiday fare. From roasted chicken with aged red wine glaze to roasted beet and grapefruit salad, Rioja’s versatility shines through, adding depth and complexity to each dish. Check out our website to explore and share custom recipes specially curated for this holiday season, ensuring that your culinary creations are perfectly paired with the elegance of Rioja wines.

Roasted Chicken with Aged Red Wine Glaze

Red Wine-Infused Cranberry Sauce

Roasted Beet and Grapefruit Salad

Gifting Rioja to Your Loved Ones

The gift of Rioja is a thoughtful gesture that conveys appreciation and care. The Rioja Trade Market offers a selection of gifting ideas, from self-care packages filled with pampering essentials and Rioja wine to creative wrapping techniques and curated wine baskets.

Enjoy Rioja

Rioja wines are not just for the holidays; they are a year-round celebration of life’s simple pleasures. With its diverse range of styles and flavors, Rioja has something to offer every wine lover. Whether you’re seeking a robust red for a hearty meal or a refreshing white for a casual gathering, Rioja delivers an exceptional wine experience every time.

About the Rioja Trade 

We are dedicated to promoting the awareness and appreciation of Rioja wines worldwide. Through educational initiatives, trade shows, and consumer marketing campaigns, the Rioja Trade continues establishing Rioja as a premier wine region of the world.

This holiday season, embrace the spirit of Rioja and let its captivating wines elevate your celebrations. Raise a glass to good cheer, shared moments, and the joy of savoring life’s exquisite moments.