Binny’s Beverages Depots Spotlight Rioja Wines

Binny’s Beverage Depots, a leading beverage retailer in the United States, is currently featuring Rioja wines in a promotional campaign aimed at highlighting the region’s diversity and food-friendly characteristics.

This promotion targets wine consumers looking to explore Spain’s most prestigious wine region. Binny’s website offers an informative overview of Rioja, emphasizing:

  • Rich History and Reputation: Rioja’s status as a world-class wine region, attracting wine enthusiasts for generations.
  • Varietal Diversity: The vast selection of wines available, ranging from fresh whites and crisp rosés to complex, aged reds. Tempranillo, the region’s signature grape, is specifically mentioned.
  • Food Pairing Focus: The emphasis on Rioja’s reputation for being particularly food-friendly, perfect for recreating a restaurant-quality experience at home. Pairing suggestions are provided, highlighting how Reserva and Gran Reserva selections complement richer dishes, while younger Crianzas pair well with lighter fare. Rosé and white options are presented as ideal choices for casual gatherings.

This Binny’s campaign offers Rioja producers and distributors an opportunity to leverage the retailer’s extensive reach and strong reputation within the US market.

About Binny’s:

  • Largest Independent Liquor Retailer in the Midwest: Binny’s boasts a strong presence with annual sales of $275 million, making it the biggest independent liquor dealer in the Midwest by dollar volume.
  • Wine is King: While Binny’s offers a diverse selection of spirits and beers, wine reigns supreme, accounting for the majority of their sales.
  • Extensive Selection Across Price Points: Catering to all budgets, Binny’s offers a wide range of red wines, including Riojas, from under $10 to over $200.
  • Focus on Customer Education: Binny’s prioritizes customer education, hosting in-store events featuring staff and guest speakers to promote informed wine choices.
  • Expansion Plans: With a focus on the Midwest, Binny’s is actively seeking opportunities to expand, potentially opening new stores in neighboring states or further exploring the downstate Illinois market.