A Harvest Unlike Any Other

Another successful grape harvest in Rioja, Spain’s most celebrated wine region, has come and gone.

No two grape harvests are the same. This year’s harvest in Rioja, and wine producing regions around the world, may have been the most challenging and singular to date.

“Spain has been hard-hit by coronavirus, but vintners are adapting to rebuild businesses and keep workers safe”

Drier and warmer weather during harvest contributed to healthy, happy grapes overall. The challenge this year, proved to be the human factor in vineyards and wineries as bodegas adopted safety protocols and new harvest procedures.

“Despite Spain’s health and economic crises, grape quality across the country looks good. In Rioja, drier weather and milder temperatures over the past month have mitigated mildew issues triggered by heavy rains and high temperatures earlier in the summer.”

To learn more about this year’s harvest in Spain, check out Gillian Sciaretta’s Wine Spectator article, “Harvest During COVID’s Second Wave: Spanish Wineries Fight for the 2020 Vintage” here.