8 Stunning Riojas for $23 or Less

What’s better than a delicious bottle of wine from Rioja? Answer: Eight delicious bottles of wine from Rioja, all under $25.

“Rioja produces wines of impressive quality and potentially strong value, which has helped make it one of Spain’s best-known regions.”

More than 600 wineries call the region of Rioja home, which means that there’s a Rioja wine for everyone. Whether you’re searching for a youthful bottle or one with a bit of age, Rioja’s unique aging and classification system makes selecting the perfect Rioja for you a breeze.

So, check out Thomas Matthews’ Wine Spectator guide to “8 Stunning Riojas for $23 or Less” and explore Spain’s most celebrated wine region one sip at a time. Read the full article here.

“This selection of wines is a great example of this, especially the reds classified as crianzas, meaning they’ve spent at least one year aging in oak and an additional year in bottle. Crianzas are Rioja’s lighter-bodied workhorses, delivering lively and complex flavors at reasonable prices.”