100 days of Rioja Wine Campaign

Partnering with all of our wonderful Bodegas we have launched a huge campaign featuring over 100 Bodegas. Leading up to International Tempranillo Day, Rioja will be celebrating our Bodegas (Wineries) with features and food pairing recommendations for the next 100 days.

You can visit this page “Discover the Wines of Rioja” every week to see featured wines. Follow us on Instagram for an interactive experience each week.

On November 8th, the world will be celebrating International Tempranillo Day, follow along with us for the next 100 days.

Tempranillo, Spain’s #1 wine grape, and what is Rioja’s dominant grape. When young, it is fresh and fruity. With oak and age, we’ll find deeper, richer flavors like tobacco, and leather flavors.